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Whiting Hackle

Whiting Hackle Capes & Saddle Hackle

Whiting Farms Hackle Capes and Saddles are simply the Best Hackle on the Planet! That’s why we stock over 1,000 Whiting dry fly hackle capes and saddle hackles. From Platinum Grade Dry Fly Hackle Capes to Pro Grade Steamer Saddles, we have them in stock! We Have the largest selection of Hebert Pro Grade Hackle Capes available anywhere! At our prices these hackle capes an unbelievable value. Looking for natural dun hackle? Look no further.

Whiting 100 Pack Barred Dark Ginger
Product ID : WF100pkBarredDkGinger
Whiting 100 Pack Black
Product ID : WF100pkBlack
Whiting 100 Pack Brown
Product ID : WF100pkBrown
Whiting 100 Pack Dark Dyed Dun
Product ID : WF100pkDarkDyedDun
Whiting 100 Pack Grizzly
Product ID : WF100pkGrizz
Whiting 100 Pack Grizzly Dyed Coachman Brown
Product ID : WF100pkGrizz/CoachmanBrwn
Whiting 100 Pack Grizzly Dyed March Brown
Product ID : WF100pkGrizz/MarchBrwn
Whiting 100 Pack Grizzly Dyed Pale Yellow
Product ID : WF100pkGrizz/PaleYellow
Whiting 100 Pack Grizzly Insect Green
Product ID : WF100pkGrizz/InscetGrn
Whiting 100 Pack Insect green
Product ID : WF100pkInsectGrn
Whiting 100 Pack Light Ginger
Product ID : WF100pkLtGinger
Whiting 100 Pack Medium Dyed Dun
Product ID : WF100pkMedDyedDun
Whiting 100 Pack Olive
Product ID : WF100pkOlive
Whiting 100 Pack Orange
Product ID : WF100pkOrange
Whiting Farms Bronze Grade Midge Brown Hackle Saddle
Product ID : WFBGFMSBrown
Whiting High and Dry Grizzly dyed Peacock Hackle Cape
Product ID : Whiting High and Dry Grizzly dyed Peacock Hackle Cape
Whiting High and Dry Grizzly Hackle Cape
Product is out of stock
Over 1000 Whiting Hackle Capes & Saddles