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Hebert Miner Hackle

Hebert Miner Hackle From Whiting Farms

Renowned for it's complex and vibrant natural colors, Hebert hackle, under the careful genetic selection and breeding of Doc Whiting, has evolved into a premier line of hackle. A wide range of natural duns, badgers of different colors and markings, Gingers , Browns it is hard to top the range of colors in the Hebert Line of hackle. While sharing the same supple quills as the Whiting line of hackle the Hebert line is not quite as densely barbed.

Pro Grade - We have the largest selection of Hebert Minor Hacke - Pro Grade dry fly capes available ANYWHERE! Hebert Pro Grade has the same quality Whiting Farms hackle, the only difference is that the hackle usually has a higher quantity of one size hackle, but still with a wide range of sizes, typically sizes 12 through 20. Some have larger sizes and some smaller.
Bronze - Excellent quality and adequate for most all tying.
Silver - Additionally strong in the overall length and density of the feathers.
Gold - Extremely high quality and high density of feathers, with particular emphasis on the hard to find tiny midge size hackle sizes in the cape or extraordinary feather counts in the saddle. For the most demanding fly tier.
Platinum - For the collector. The pinnacle of genetic progress. Rare.

Hebert Miner Hackle, exclusively from Whiting Farms, is a dry fly hackle of extraordinary quality; a premium product for the most discriminating fly tier and fly fisher.

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